Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Reviews


The Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter can take on your toughest log splitting jobs, with very little effort. Its one and three quarter horse power engine, applies five tons of hydraulic pressure to accommodate logs ranging from 15 to 20 inches long, and up to ten inches in diameter. With a full 15 amps of power, this electric beauty can run from any standard household current of 110 volts, without fail. Also, since it does not run on gasoline or oil, it can be used on the inside of the home, basement or closed garage, without the fear or fumes or toxic emissions. Providing electronic apparatus to those who need it for heavy duty purposes helps set Grizzly apart in the world of interior log splitting.

In addition to its impressive power, the Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter, weighing in at around one hundred pounds, has built-in wheels and easy to grasp handles for maximum portability. This means you can take the splitter to where the logs exist, and not the other way around. The easy operation allows you to save your back, arms and neck muscles for better things than lifting logs. Even while wearing gloves, this splitter works easily and effectively, allowing your log splitting needs to be met in one afternoon.

Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Reviews

Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Features

  • Runs on Standard, Household 110 Volt Current
  • Log Splitting Capacity: 12” – 15” in length & ten inches in diameter
  • Applies Five Tons of Hydraulic Pressure
  • Built-in Wheels and Handle for Maximum Portability
  • 15 AMPS of Power for Tough Splitting Needs
  • Easy Operation, even with Gloves On
  • Fully Electric, Allowing for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Customers Reviews

One user praised the Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter by saying, “I love this thing!” He heats all 2300 square feet of his home entirely with wood, and was worried that an electric splitter would not be as effective as its gas burning brethren. His fears were put to rest. As soon as the splitter arrived, he put it to work and was immediately impressed that its electric power let him split red and white oak, even claiming that it does more than he thought it would by consistently allowing him to split 10 to 12 inch logs with ease. He also loves that he can transport it on his own, without asking a neighbor for help, as well as use it in his basement, without the worry of fumes.

Another user says she burns approximately two to three cords of wood per season, and that after splitting all of her log burning needs with an awl last year, she finally bought the Grizzly Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter. She labels its heavy duty construction as intimidating at first, but the mobility is flawless, and it works like a charm. She announced with disbelief that she and a friend split one half of a cord of wood in around 25 minutes, allowing her to look forward to the colder months, as she never had before. In addition to its log splitting abilities, she added that it makes kindling a breeze as well.

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