Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter Reviews


The Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter was manufactured with a state of the art vertical design that allows logs to be loaded effortlessly into the apparatus for the utmost effective splitting capability. In addition to its vertical design, the carriage system is built around a dolly, allowing transporting and storage to be a breeze, keeping your log splitting as mobile as you are. Its solid steel construction is built for durability, and is accented by ten pneumatic tires that will keep you rolling from season to season with ease.

The Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter is all electric, requiring absolutely zero gas or oil, keeping your home or outdoor activity free of fumes or dangerous emissions. Do not let the electric make-up of the splitter fool you. Its technologically sound design is backed by a one and one half kilowatt motor, that runs from a standard 110/120 household volt outlet. In addition, it is capable of splitting logs up to 20 inches long, and 12 inches in diameter, with a single swiping motion of its five tons of hydraulic pressure.

Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter Reviews

Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter Features

  • All Electric Composition Runs on 110/120 Volt Household Current
  • Powerful 1.5kw Motor
  • Vertical Design Revolutionizes Log Loading
  • Innovative Dolly Carriage Design allows for Maximum Maneuverability & Storage
  • Durable, Solid Steel Construction
  • Built with Ten Pneumatic Tires for Ease in Transporting

Customers Reviews

One user admits to splitting three cords of wood over two separate weekends, which is three times the amount he ever could manually. He added that the assembly was straightforward, and that the large-wheeled dolly and easy operation of the Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter, without his face being right next to the logs, were large selling points for him, and that the practice has confirmed those perceived advantages. Another user said he was very surprised by the incredible design, and the power it harnessed. He bought it based on looks alone, believing that his wife could maneuver it with ease, in his absence, as well as load it without any trouble, in case his trips were longer than expected. He was impressed with all of the points he mentioned, including her ability to use it without him. She teased him upon his return that she was completely self-sufficient with the addition of the splitter, no matter the season!

Another user bought the Mantis SwiftSplit Electric Log Splitter when she moved to Michigan, knowing that there was little doubt that she could go without split wood for the colder seasons. Since she was single, and did not care to depend on the kindness of strangers, she purchased the top rated log splitter and had it delivered. Being a first time user, she acknowledged that the instructions were straight forward, and that the maneuverability of the machine was priceless for someone her size. She no longer worries about how much wood she will need to get her through the winter, as she can always retreat to her basement, and split more. She said it was an absolute “blessing of a purchase” and recommends it to anyone who has wood splitting needs – especially if they cannot swing an axe!