McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter Reviews


Using the McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter puts you on par with a professional log splitter by applying a two horse power engine to its four ton splitting force. Whether you are splitting wood for your outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace, or wood burning stove, do it easily and effectively, without the back breaking swing of an axe or manual splitter. This piece of equipment was built to allow wood splitting to be performed by one person. It is constructed with handles for easy transport, an all-steel construction that commands extended performance, backed by the accomplished McCulloch brand, a subdivision of Husqvarna Group.

The dependable technology, quality, function, ergonomics and design of the McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter allows its user to split up to a twenty and one half inch long piece of wood, ranging from two to twelve inches in diameter, on its sturdy and roomy workspace. In addition to its performance, the technology is balanced with safety, only allowing the wood splitter to function with two hands in action. Once one hand is removed, the splitter will stop in its tracks until the two-hand motion is continued, keeping accidents to a minimum, without your having to think twice. The splitter is fully electric, with zero gas or oil emissions, allowing you work from anywhere within the home, on the deck, in the garage or outside where the project lives, with the use of a heavy duty extension cord.

McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter Reviews

McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter Features

  • Powerful Four Tons of Splitting Force
  • All Steel Construction for Continuous Durability
  • Easily Transported by One Individual, with Two Built-in Handles
  • Makes Light Work of up to 20.5 inch long, and two to twelve inch Diameter Log Capacity
  • Crafted by the McCulloch Brand, a Subdivision of the Husqvarna Group

Customers Reviews

One gentleman reviewed the McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter as a necessary purchase, thanks to his ample back problems, admittedly from a lifetime of splitting wood. He recommends it to anyone who cannot physically handle to split wood manually, saying it worked great, splitting twisted logs, as well as larger, or harder to split logs. In the end, when he is warmed by the fire, a result of his newly split logs, he wonders why he did not purchase this “little gem” earlier in life, knowing that is splits a half cord of wood in no time. Concurring with his review, a woman described her husband as having similar back problems, while saying she was very satisfied with the product’s performance, as it has made one chore around their home easier for both of them.

Another user calls the McCulloch 4 Ton Electric Log Splitter “perfect” well into its second season. He has split over three cords of wood without incident, calling the equipment quiet and powerful, adding that it does a great job on any and all hardwood he has ran through it. Saying, decidedly, that he cannot wait to get his next batch of wood underway, that the simplicity in use and accurate, consistent results makes this a tool, literally worth its weight, and the heat the resulting wood provides.