Guide to buy the best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher


Choosing the right type of vacuum mulcher for your garden:

A Leaf Vacuum Mulcher is a garden equipment used for removing the unwanted leaves, debris and other organic materials.This helps to maintain the lawn more attractive and in good condition. It’s always a pride to a gardener to maintain the garden and the lawn more admirable to a visitor or a neighbor.

A Mulcher is provided with metal blades to slice and cut the unwanted leaves, grass, debris, acorns, branches and other waste materials into tiny pieces. These can be further restored and used as a fertilizer.

Guide to buy the best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Mulcher Beneficial’s

Using a Mulcher has many benefits for a homeowner or a landscaper. They prevent the traditional complex method of garden cleaning into easy and quick way. And also eliminates unpleasant odors from accumulation of unwanted debris. A mulcher is environmental-friendly as the mulch accumulated acts as a fertilizer.

Purpose for using a Mulcher

A Mulcher has many useful purposes mainly in the fall season:

  • The grasses and flower beds are allowed to direct sunlight
  • Avoids suffocation of plants underneath the debris and allows direct rainfall on the plants
  • Accumulation leads to decomposition and causes soggy mat and a bad odor
  • Prevents the growth of unwanted plants and crabgrass
  • An attractive garden can be visible
  • A mulcher is indeed a professional method used for removing the unwanted leaves from the garden

Varieties of Mulchers

A Mulcher comes in a variety of sizes and types depending on their usage. Mulcher size ranges from small designed for leaves and lawn debris to large units for large branches and tree limbs. Mulcher benefits on either small or large lawn, a garden or a farmland. The size mainly depends on the size of the garden or lawn of the owner.

There are many types of Mulchers available in the market depending on the purpose and use. The following are some of the different types of mulchers:

  • Electric Mulchers:

These Mulchers use electric supply for mulching and are much quieter, convenient and lighter devices. They are far better than gas mulchers and a good choice.The length of power cord prevents their services to limited area.

  • Gas Mulchers:

These are the old method used for mulching the debris. They are heavy due to the gas units used and much powerful.There are no limitations for their services.

  • Mulchers with dual-modes:

Some models of mulchers are provided with built-in blades or chippers that serve multiple jobs. They slice and dice the grass and leaves, get accumulated into the mulcher and transferred into a disposable bag. They can be later disposed or used as fertilizers or to cover the base of trees and plants (to maintain moisture). Mulchers come with or without debris bag. Large debris bags can hold more debris.

  • Lawn-Tractor/Agricultural Mulcher:

They are used for quick work of large areas and are specially designed for all types of mulching. The tractor is provided with a detachable and reversible mulcher and can be moved all around the area. They are mainly used for rugged workloads.

  • Commercial Mulcher:

This type of mulcher is used for clearing building and construction areas. They are big, durable and use heavy duty units for rugged purpose.

  • Free-Standing Mulcher:

They are portable units made up of plastic and have a funnel shaped opening. Leaves and debris are fed into this funnel to get chopped into nutritious mulch acting as a fertilizer or for ground cover.

There are many brands and companies providing leaf vacuum mulchers. A thorough research is a key to choose the best type of mulcher for different purposes they will be used.